Completed Projects

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  • Sonia Fractal Furniture

    Sonia created the Fractal series based on volumetric ergonomics,  allowing full optimization of the interior and the exterior space.  In each object,  there is a narrower area favoring the passageway and a wider area,  maximizing the storage capacity. The challenge with Fractal was harmonizing the …

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  • Sonia Scalene Furniture

    The Scalene project was designed to create furniture that is geometrically irregular, both unequal on sides and angles. Two base units, 700mm and 300mm, can be combined to get up to five different compositions.  A total of 12 lacquered colors and 3 wood finish options can …

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  • Falper Menhir Furniture

    Cosmopolitan and informal,  the Menhir collection interprets the aspirations of a young yet demanding public.  Megalithic shaped mirrors,  tactile surfaces and materials and Mediterranean colour combinations are just part of a positive vision that redesigns the bathroom environment.

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  • Falper Peace Hotel Furniture

    Falper Peace Hotel range of furniture is  available in ebony-oak or a glossy white lacquered finish.  Door and drawer fronts in idropan come with ebony-oak or glossy white,  light blue and jade-green lacquered finishes.  Mirrors are  edged in solid wood and with ebony-oak or a …

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