Bette Starlet Spirit Enamel Steel Bathtub


An oval bath shape embedded in a rectangle and a wonderfully glossy material – over the past 20 years, these simple ingredients have turned the BetteStarlet into an icon in bathroom planning.

In order to continue the success story of this elegant bath in the future, Bette has carefully updated the design of this classic with a fine rim. The installed height of the rim has been reduced from 30 to 8 mm, and the corner radii from R20 to R5.

The new fitted version is called BetteStarlet Spirit, and is available in two formats – 1800 x 800mm – 1700 x 750mm

As BetteStarlet Spirit itself has almost rectangular corners, it is also ideal for flush installations in tile grids or in a console. Sharp corners with a radius of just five mm are a peak value for the material combination of glazed titanium steel.