Falper Living Bathroom


Creative, sustainable and innovative: Falper’s new catalogs present extraordinary colour finishes available for washbasins and bathtubs in the innovative Cristalplant® Bio Active material.

To offer the utmost freedom of customisation, an expanded range of available finishes and colours: from neutral tones like Gravel, Clay and Argilla to bolder, more distinctive ones like Jaipur Red, Cookie and Curry.

The palette of new colours is obtained through a process drawn from the automotive industry that’s UNI- EN 14688:2018 certified for thermal shock and resistance to scratches and chemical substances.

Countertop basins feature a minimalist design and are veritable furnishing elements. Made using the most innovative technologies and materials, each washbasin undergoes stringent qualitative testing, guaranteeing excellent production and aesthetic standards.

All Falper tops with built-in basins are available in infinite sizes and configurations, both countertop and wall-mounted.Cristalplant Bio Active tops are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and fully recyclable. Chip and scratch resistant, they are covered by a five-year company guarantee.

To take an in depth look please visit Falper to download their Living Bathroom catalogs.