Geberit Flush Plates


It’s not juts any bathroom, it’s your bathroom.

Geberit flush plates combine intelligent functions with convenience, ensuring a heightened sense of freshness and cleanliness in the bathroom.

  • Customisation

Make a statement in your bathroom. The standard frameless base unit of the Geberit Sigma21 flush plate sets the stage for high-quality materials such as glass or slate. Furthermore, the plate can be enhanced with a virtually limitless variety of individually selected materials if desired.

  • Touchless Toilet Flush

Toilet flush actuation uses touchless mechanisms and elegant colour schemes infuse the room with atmosphere.

  • Odour Extraction Unit

The Geberit DuoFresh module ensures freshness in the bathroom by extracting unpleasant odours directly from the WC ceramic appliance before they have the chance to spread. The odour extraction switches on automatically and then back off again after it has finished its work.

  • Soft-Touch

Thanks to the soft-touch buttons, all it takes is a gentle touch to create an exceptionally quiet flush actuation – ensuring that everyone can stay sleeping peacefully.

  • Surface-even Wall Integration

Surface-Even Geberit Sigma 60 plates lie flush with the wall surface, preventing any disruption in the harmony of the design.

The flush plates are the only part of the concealed cistern the user can see. A variety of flushing systems are available, making it possible to find the right product for a particular application or special structural conditions.

To make it easier to match up the Geberit flush plates with the appropriate cisterns, they each share their name with the relevant cistern: Sigma, Omega, Kappa or Delta.