Gessi Habito Brassware


Gessi with the Habito collection allows you to ‘fashion’ your own tailor-made habitat.

Woven Metal, which has already been used for the creation of emblematic Gessi collections, with its evocative power of the 9 world of finishes, highlights the craftsmanship.

Cesello: Best expressing the concept of “Made in Gessi”, synonymous with high jewellery and craftsmanship in the world of interior design. The delicate texture is inspired by the goldsmith’s art of chiselling, metal processing through a small chisel.

Diamantato: Recalling the fluidity of water, luminous waves and their sinuous movements. Strong, but at the same time precious, it envelops the most intimate room of living with seductive reflections, especially if the tone chosen is golden brass

Intreccio: The tribute to the world of fashion is celebrated with Intreccio, whose texture recalls the best in craftsmanship. A reassuring and refined design with an undisputed taste.

Rigato: The straight mark drawn on a surface attracts attention and shows us the way. They are vertical lines of aristocratic heritage that embellish with discretion.

Trame: The irregular lines, carved where the hand rests, arouse an intense tactile perception. They are proof of the mastery with which objects are made that explore all the different expressions of metal.