Gessi Inverso Brassware


The Inverso collection marks a new phase in the “woven metal” evolution, Gessi’s stylistic signature.

In 2017 it started working metal as if it were fabric, with typical “Made in Italy” references, from textiles to leather goods, from mechanics to jewellery. After the great success of the collections decorated with Woven Metal Inverso was born.

The Diamantato (diamond) texture recalls the fluidity of water, the luminous waves struck by the sun’s rays and their sinuous movements. The diamond becomes synonymous with strength and, at the same, time preciousness. Its allure of contemporary elegance envelops the bathroom with seductive reflections.

Cool and dark colours tell a story veiled in mystery but evoke a sense of refinement and elegance. Black metal, matte or brushed, combined with the rigorous lines of the Rigato decoration unmistakably gives the bathroom a certain solemnity.