Gessi Origini Brassware


Origini – The New Shape of Colour.

Born from the aspiration to seek form in their purest and most original dimension to express a new way of conceiving well-being.

Gessi transforms characters into colours and presents five triads associating them with as many personalities.

  • Warm – Cypress / Warm Bronze / Dark Bronze
  • Neutral – Greige / Finox Brushed Nickel / Nickel
  • Accent – Ocra / Matt Black / Brushed Brass
  • Materic – Coral / Black Metal / Brushed Copper
  • Nature – Agave / Black Metal Brushed / Chrome

In the Origini collection by Gessi, rigour and softness, lightness and solidity, formal cleanliness and decoration live together through the geometric shape of the circle, which becomes the predominant and recurring sign in all elements creating a clean and architectural visual game, thanks also to the high modularity of the elements that make up the collection, designed to make all pieces keep the same diameter to be perfectly matched.

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