Gessi Perle


Right from its name, Perle encapsulates the meanings and characteristics of jewellery, which par excellence represents elegance and refinement.

Just as the pearl is the most perfect and rare shape in nature, the sphere that punctuates each element of the collection is an emblem of purity and the fruit of profound research. The same research that has led Gessi, through more than two years of studies, to explore the best Made in Italy materials to enhance them in its creations, with the aim of increasingly personalizing and customizing the most important element of the most intimate space of living.

Gessi, in its constant search for innovation and possible combinations, has created multiple possible combinations of colours, materials, and a series of new unprecedented finishes, in polished, matte, and brushed versions.

Five materic worlds for the “Perle”:

  • Metal Perle
  • Murano Perle
  • Semi-Precious Perle
  • Perle in Essence
  • Synthetic Perle

With a further 26 finishings for the “pedestals”.