Gessi Sensor Brassware


Gessi electronic taps are in the vanguard and come available with different technological solutions.

The sensor can be incorporated into the tap body or into the very spout, otherwise positioned on a proper remote plate. In the first two cases the water flow is automatically switched on or off by bringing the hands towards the spout.

In the case of the remote detector, the flow is activated or turned off simply by the hand crossing over the detector: it’s almost like a magic move.

The electronic detector can be connected to the normal electricity network or to a lithium battery, ensuring in both cases minimum water consumption.

The electronic technology incorporates gracefully with the tap, preserving the perfect shapes of its studied design, or even better enhancing its essential and simple beauty.

The technology of the electronic taps by Gessi not only makes life easier but it’s also environment-friendly. Thanks to the automatic activation of the flow, water is delivered only for the time it is actually needed. Without any waste.