Gessi Shower G


The total look in the most intimate place of living expands: for the first time, Gessi customises the hardware of the shower enclosures, thus bringing the functional components to a higher aesthetic level. Gessi brings elements that are generally hidden into the spotlight, enhancing the details and making them statement pieces.

The most intimate living environment is thus embellished with elements that give beauty, pleasure and well-being in every detail, in a complete set from Gessi.

Woven Metal embellishes the different elements for openings and fixings, such as hinges and clamps, which can be combined with all the solutions and sizes of the made to-measure, redefining proportions in a new key, recalling the iconic shape of Gessi. In combination with the various textures or in a smooth version, the elements are transversal to all collections and in all finishes.

Horizontal and vertical elements match each other through the handles and the towel holder accessories. In addition to the linearity of the shape, they contain
within themselves a contrast between the round and the square; thanks to this, they can be matched to all Gessi’s collections. Because every detail wears Gessi’s elegance.