Hansgrohe CoolStart Taps


Hansgrohe CoolStart taps are environmentally friendly. Only cold water will run when the handle is in the middle position, whereas energy is immediately consumed with standard taps in the same position.

So with CoolStart technology, you won’t be using warm water unnecessarily. The result? Fewer resources consumed, lower CO2 emissions, cheaper costs.

Standard taps work differently. Continuous flow heaters, circulation pumps and other water-heating mechanisms kick in as soon as the lever is activated in the middle position.

But we don’t always need warm water, right? Cold water is often what we want when pouring drinking water, washing hands, watering flowers or cleaning. And that’s the kicker: Water is only heated in CoolStart taps when you see a need for it. You alone decide how hot to make it.

Enjoy total comfort and beautiful design with an economical CoolStart tap – Good for the environment and your wallet, that’s very Hansgrohe!