Hansgrohe Select Shower Heads


Pressing is often easier than turning. Select is the name of the technology where a small button brings a great amount of comfort into your own four walls. Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, products with a Select push button boast intuitive water controls and a minimalist tap and shower design.

Switching the jet type or toggling from hand shower to overhead shower: The Select push button is a highly convenient control unit in the shower. Its durability was put to the test in a long-term load test, where it wowed with a whopping 90,000 activations.

The Select push button on hand showers makes the jet switch-over as easy as it’s ever been. You can control three different jet types here – from soft to strong. The diverter button sits on the ergonomic handle to make it easier to switch jets with one hand.

The Select push button principle also takes hold in our overhead showers. Would you rather have a stimulating or soft shower? The jet types can be switched in the centre of the spray disc – it’s all purely mechanical.