Hidrobox Niches, Shelves & Totems


A perfect accessory for the shower area, designed with sobriety and practicality in mind. Niches for wallpanels allow you to store personal hygiene products and accessories, leaving the shower area free of clutter.

They also allow the installation of boxing for taps, if desired. Made from Scene® solid surface, their pure white colour dovetails with any other coloured element in the room.

To prevent liquid remaining inside, they are supplied with a drain to the shower tray in the lower part of the panel. Niches in panels offer a uniform, contemporary and practical aesthetic for your
shower space.

Auxiliary Totems for free standing bathtubs made in Scene®, pure white, with a smooth matt surface.‎

Wide range of dimensions and forms, including preparation for brassware and compartments and wide range of standard and special Colours in matte finish.‎

Shelves, with minimalist aesthetics, manufactured using Scene®.

With a floating installation and a wide range of sizes, Scene Shelves are the ideal accessory to get the most out of both large and small wall spaces.