Hidrobox Unique Shower Tray


We find the freedom to define the form of a given space, alongside the ability to call upon different drainage types and positions.

The concept allows for the best possible aesthetic and functional results to be brought together, offering the customer the most satisfactory shower experience available.

Unique is a solution for the shower area designer, backed up by product specialists, which allows for a maximum level of individualisation to be achieved.

The design of the shower tray begins by defining its outer shape.

Then you can choose drainage solutions such as a drain at the edge of the tray, in the interior, at the corner or even by the wall, with different alternatives for you to pick the most satisfactory one.

It’s also possible to include a second drain, if desired, and to position them freely based on the specifics of the type chosen.

These specifications will be outlined on a technical drawing to ensure that the product is modified prior to its manufacture.