Laufen Cleanet Riva Shower Toilet


Bathrooms are our modern sanctuaries, places in which we cleanse and beautify ourselves, and that give us an all-embracing sensation of purity. The Cleanet Riva shower WC sets new standards. A masterpiece of Swiss engineering and design. White ceramic, clear water, an enrichment of our everyday lives.

Product Features:

  • Reduced and compact design like a normal toilet
  • Closed ceramic body with concealed water and electric supply
  • Hygienic and easy to clean thanks to rimless shape
  • LCC ceramic surface refinement
  • Intuitive operation with the rotary button or remote control
  • Very strong yet gentle shower jet
  • Extra power mode with 5.6l/min
  • Softer lady shower with separate button
  • Thorough cleaning of the nozzle before and after every use
  • Exchangeable nozzle fully recessed behind a cover
  • Automatic air purifier with active carbon filter
  • LED night light with signaling function
  • Different programmable user profiles
  • Integrated self-cleaning functions with thermal cleaning and automated descaling
  • Removable Duroplast seat and cover (wireless) with lowering system
  • Low energy consumption

Demonstration of the Laufen Cleanet Riva viewable here.