M+ Design XXL


XXL is a new surface composed of small and large segments, square and rectangular-shaped, mounted on fibreglass mesh. Randomly laid, XXL creates a balance mix of shapes and sizes as the weaving of a seamless carpet.

XXL makes no difference between vertical or horizontal, its geometry adapts to any type of environment thanks to the textures of its segments that, in their mono-materiality, they are different from each other.

A contemporary mosaic that vibrates with the passage of light, making it a three-dimensional surface.

XXL is a mosaic in glazed porcelain stoneware, suitable for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings, consisting of rectangles and rods in different sizes, glued on fibreglass mesh to obtain sheets of 300×300 mm.

XXL consists of 2 modules with different layouts: the distribution of the elements on the sheets and the random laying allow to create surfaces of great decorative impact and, at the same time, design rigour.

XXL is available in all the colours of Primal, of which it is an ideal complement.