Mastella Worktops & Consoles


Design becomes eclectic in Mastella’s integrated washbasin tops and bathroom consoles. Sculpted by minimalist shapes and essential lines, they combine contemporary aesthetics with the most functional ergonomics.

In fact, both take the form of practical supports for countertop and semi-recessed washbasins or reveal integrated washbasin bowls. Washbasin tops are generally 20 mm thick, so they are thin and functional to the bathroom furniture.

Console shelves are thicker, starting from 6 centimetres; they can feature an  integrated basin or a countertop basin, combined with the bathroom furniture or in a suspended version, thus becoming functional and furnishing elements at the same time.

The composite materials and finishes that shape them represent Mastella’s quest for quality: HPL, Fenix, Solid Surface, Mineralmarmo, Glass and Stoneware, ceramics and lacquers: all materials of the latest generation that convey solidity, resistance and durability over time as well as aesthetic finishes of great impact.