Roca Nu Brassware Collection


The Nu collection represents a purity of visual expression and a synthesis of essential design elements: form, shape and colour.

Nu, the French word for nude, reveals a collection that strips away the artifice to arrive at the essence of its timeless design.

The collection features three different handles – Pin, Dome and Stripes – that are “dyed” in six glossy colours inspired by Roca’s Mediterranean DNA; green, blue, yellow, black, white and chrome.

Nu presents a world of possibilities in different forms and finishes, offering unfettered creativity with multiple solutions to personalise the bathroom space. These streamlined and “sculpted” mixers embrace colour and versatility as inherent design elements.

With its 35 millimetre body diameter, Roca’s thinnest to date, Nu blends ingenuity, sustainability and quality in an exciting new collection.

An unwavering commitment to sustainability has been foremost throughout each step of this process so that the design works in harmony with the environment. With the aerator hidden inside the faucet and the application of the Cold Start System, Nu’s timeless design reduces the flow of water every time it is used and avoids unnecessary C02 emissions.

In terms of packaging and transportation, single-use plastics have been eliminated and the collection is made in Europe to help lower its overall carbon footprint.