Roca In-Wash Inspira Shower Toilet


The In-Wash Inspira has been developed by Roca’s designers and engineers, experts on bathroom solutions, that have incorporated the most advanced technology in an accessible and versatile smart toilet to respond to the needs of the most demanding consumers.

Its soft curves, its simple geometric form and its most advanced intuitive technology make it a practical and pleasant toilet to suit any lifestyle.

Product Features:

  • Air Tempaertaure Control
  • LED Guide Night Light
  • Front & Rear Cleaning
  • Nozzle Position Adjustment
  • Oscillating Cleaning
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle
  • Water Intensity Control
  • Water Temperature Control
  • Drying Function
  • Soft Close System

Demonstarion of the Roca In-Wash Inspira is viewable here.

Product Code: A803060002