Scarabeo Laila Collection


Laila is the new bathroom furniture concept designed by Scarabeo to complete the eclectic Moon washbasin collection.‎ The range includes a large variety of figures characterized by a refined soul and generous dimensions.‎

Laila is characterized by a pleasing contrast between the wide size of the bowl and the fineness of its edges, which is a distinguishing feature of the Moon collection.‎ The tubular metal structure holds the impressive presence of the washbasin with a strong personality, creating a perfect harmony of shapes.‎

Laila can be integrated in the most diverse settings, being available in four metal finishes, matt Black, Gray, Dove Gray, Brushed Gold.‎ The shelves and drawers offer their functional solutions in Alpaca, Cesio verde, Macassar, Rovere Brizzo, Rovere Nodato wood essence, and matt black and white.‎

Shelves are also available in enamelled ceramic with Pearl, Slate grey, Lava, Ash, Tobacco, Sand, matt Blue, matt Rose, matt Green finish, and finally white, black marble and travertine.‎