Tavistock Mirrors


Add some sparkle to your bathroom with one of Tavistock’s bright LED mirrors. Alternatively opt for one of the new LED backlit mirrors which utilise the very latest in energy saving LED technology.

With various multi-functional options, Tavistock have produced a range of mirrors that can meet & exceed your expectations. Depending on the model the following features are available:

  • Infrared sensor technology to activate lighting without the need to touch the mirror.
  • Heated demister pad to prevent the mirror from misting in even the steamiest of bathrooms.
  • Incorporated magnifying mirror magnifying things to double their actual size, perfect for shaving or applying makeup.
  • A re-charging power socket for your electric toothbrush or shaver
  • Discreet integrated stereo speakers providing the highest quality listening pleasure from your Bluetooth device.

To view the full range visit Tavistock.