Zazzeri Q316 / Q316_sh Brassware Collections


The essentiality of a minimalist design finds its best expression in the new Q316 / Q316_sh series, a complete collection for the bathroom and kitchen, made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

A distinguishing feature of the Q316_sh collection is the cylindrical handle that comes in a completely smooth steel finish, which becomes to all intents and purposes an extension of the mixer body, or declined in four different textures made by chiselling the surface: Dorica with vertical stripes, Linea with horizontal stripes, Scacchi and Punti. The cylindrical handle, the different chiselling and the multiple finishes further enrich the vocation of the collection to furnish environments characterised by a context of formal purity, enhancing them with discreet and refined decorative elements.

With the Q316 the clear and rigorous geometries characterised by a cylindrical body and a flat spout, the distinctive feature of the project, as well as the flat and essential paddle handle, are enhanced by the high aesthetic value of the steel which, offered in various finishes, gives the series a strong material effect and a surprising tactile perception.

For the shower environment, Spot and Stecca are the new Q316 shower heads, very different from each other both in form and function, both equipped with a system of aerated jets that give softness and volume to the water flow, reducing its consumption for the same comfort/wet effect.