Zucchetti Hoop Shower Mixer


Designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Hoop is a new push-button shower system, a conscious, sustainable product that stands out for its ease of use and universal aesthetics.

With essential forms that are intuitive and functional, Hoop combines the unrivalled convenience of thermostatic mixers with modern, versatile, direct aesthetics. The push-button system makes it simple to turn the corresponding water on or off, selecting the desired output (hand shower, shower head, body jets or spout) while the thermostatic knob allows for easy, constant temperature regulation.

To meet current market demands, Hoop is a modern system that guarantees well-being and safety thanks to a built-in device that keeps the water temperature steady, ensuring that it never inadvertently exceeds 38° C. The new push-button tap is a sustainable,  environmentally friendly solution that doesn’t require sacrificing comfort. Quite the opposite: it enhances it.

Characterised by its all-encompassing aesthetics, capable of being teamed with other collections and joining any line of taps, Hoop can be installed horizontally or vertically, allowing ample compositional freedom that’s suitable to both private homes and contract projects.