Zucchetti Pan S Brassware Collection


At its inception, the Pan collection radically transformed the concept of the cylindrical single-lever mixer, embracing a bold and innovative approach drawing inspiration from nature.

Drawing inspiration from the organic world, the mixer’s body mimics the elegance of a tree trunk, while the spout and lever gracefully emerge like branches, reminiscent of natural grafting.

20 years later Pan evolves into Pan S: Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba accentuate aesthetics and functionality of the new collection, completely eliminating cuts and welds to create an even more organic design.

Body, spout, lever, and handle unite in fluid and uninterrupted forms, conveying a sense of perfection and natural harmony.

Pan S stands as a design classic, an emblem of timeless elegance among bathroom fixtures, seamlessly merging the essence of nature with unparalleled functionality.