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This time out we’re focusing on a German bathroom giant Bette. A family-run company, producing premium architectural bathroom components from steel-titanium alloy, enamelled with purely natural materials since 1952. Their thermoforming process allows them to create flowing shapes with extraordinary craftsmanship and precision.

Bette products are one-of-a-kind, their automated serial production line can handle more than 600 different colours with a broad range of dimensions to create an inspiring space in every bathroom design.

Bette Lux Oval Silhouette
Bette Lux Shape Freestanding Enamel Steel Bathtub
Bette Art Enamel Steel Bathtub
Bette Starlet Oval Silhouette Enamel Steel Freestanding Bathtub

The sophisticated designs Bette is known for are made possible thanks to their unique moulding techniques.

In order to give the rims of their products a minimal shape, 250 tons – which is the combined weight of 50 adult elephants – are applied to the material for around 40 seconds. This results in exceptionally narrow rim heights and corner radii.

Bette Air Shower Tray
Bette Floor Shower Trays Collection
Bette Floor Shower Trays Collection
BetteFloor Corner Shower Tray
Bette Floor Shower Trays Collection

A shower experience with no limits – Bette were the first to develop flush-to-floor shower trays which blend harmoniously with the bathroom. For a smooth surface that sets new visual standards. Their many designs, colours and dimensions also give you plenty of design freedom.

Bette Balance - Shells
Bette Lux Oval Built-in Washbasin
Bette Lux Shape Washbasin
Bette Craft Washbasin
Bette Lux Oval Couture Washbasin
Their washbasins will help you to create the very highest level of bathroom design. With lots of different variants, they combine aesthetics with function to create a bathroom element that compliments perfectly your bathroom environment.

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