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Vitra’s quest is to create beautiful, inspiring bathroom environments. To change our perception of the bathroom, from that of a purely functional space into something much more. Turning an essential, everyday experience into something beautiful, relaxing and life-enriching.

The superior design, quality and innovative features of Vitra products are acknowledged with some of the world’s most prestigious awards. So, understandably, we’re now acknowledging them here too in Bathrooms In Focus. Enjoy!

Vitra Sento Toilet WC
Vitra Sento
Vitra Root Flat Collection
Vitra Root Groove Collection
Vitra Root Classic Collection

From the timeless to the contemporary, for the cosiest of cloakrooms to the luxurious spa-inspired, Vitra have a bathroom range to suit your style and space.

Vitra Plural Collection
Vitra Water Jewels Basin
Vitra Memoria
Vitra - Outline
Vitra - Liquid

Vitra with their extensive collections have developed a range of basins that allow you to blend comfort, elegance with the warmth of natural textures.

Stunning individual pieces that cater for every type of bathroom setting.

Vitra - Origin
Vitra Liquid
Vitra Istanbul

Find the perfect complement to your bathroom with Vitra’s stunning brassware collections. Championing both aesthetics and ergonomics, each piece is meticulously engineered to optimise flow, temperature regulation and the use of water and energy.

Decor Walther - Pep Decor Walther - Pep
Vitra - Geo Corner
Vitra - 4Life Cocoon
Vitra - Istanbul Round Bath
Vitra - Water Jewels

Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, Vitra bathtubs will add more pleasure to your lifestyle. With corner, rectangular, rounded and square configurations available, along with hydromassage functionality available on some models.

Vitra V-Care Comfort Shower Toilet
Vitra V-Care Comfort Shower Toilet
Vitra V-Care Comfort Shower Toilet
Vitra V-Care Comfort Shower Toilet

Step into the future of bathroom innovation with Vitra V-Care Comfort Shower Toilet. Engineered for the ultimate comfort and hygiene experience, this toilet comes equipped with adjustable water and seat temperatures, catering to your personal comfort level regardless of the season.

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