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Bathrooms In Focus – Lighting 2023

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Often a room having an additional bit of brightness or even having it in just the right place can totally transform our impressions of a space.

With bathrooms this is very much the case. Having explored lighting previously in Bathrooms In Focus we’re returning to it again to see what new products have come to market in the interim and highlight our recent favourites. Enjoy!

Bath House Design Lighting
Bath House Design Lighting
Bath House Design Lighting
Bath House Design Lighting
Bath House Design Lighting

Firstly, as ever don’t forget about our bespoke offering. Tailored specifically to your bathroom needs we can incorporate LED lighting overhead, within bath and shower recesses or also to backlit vanity mirrors.

With our team of experienced designers we can inform best how to utilise lighting to it’s full effect within your bathroom.

Astro - Orb Bathroom Lights
Astro - Axios - Polished Chrome
Astro - Ortona Single
Astro - Pep 2

Since 1997 Astro have shared a passion for lighting design along with a vision to create products with distinctive quality. Obsessive over the details, they refine elements others may overlook, challenging themselves to produce the best product possible.

Elstead - Crystal Skye - Wall Light & Light Chandelier
Elstead - Mona 2 Bathroom Lighting
Elstead - Crystal Skye 2 Wall Light
Elstead - Paulson 1 Light Wall Light
Elstead - Paulson 3 Light Flush Mount

Elstead has brought together an eclectic range of light fittings, taking classical influences in their design and style. Proud to still use traditional handcrafts in the production of their lights, as well as embrace modern technology with CNC machines.

A large number of the Elstead collection is manufactured using traditional welding and patination skills to create distinctive products.

Decor Walther - Pep Decor Walther - Pep
Decor Walther - Studio
Decor Walther – Pendant Light
Decor Walther - Cosmetic Mirror
Decor Walther - Pep 2

The aesthetic language of Decor Walther’s products is neither overtly trendy, nor historicized or overloaded. It is best described as timeless, but in an understated way.

The second dimension of their products is enduring quality. You can see and feel it. Quality has substance. The finishing reflects exceptional craftsmanship and care.

Crosswater - Tranquil Pendant - Brushed Brass
Crosswater - Tranquil Pillar - Brushed Bronze
Crosswater - Tranquil Halo - Slate
Crosswater - Tranquil Halo - Matt Black

With the new Tranquil lights collection from Crosswater, you can achieve the perfect lighting for the mood and style you desire.

Comprised of the Halo Light, Pendant Light and Pillar Light and available in six stunning colours they provide the perfect finishing touch.

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