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Bathrooms In Focus – Maximising Space

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Limited space can make planning a new bathroom challenging. However in this edition of Bathrooms In Focus we’re going to illustrate how when properly planned even small rooms are full of possibilities.

Thanks to our technical expertise and years of experience, we know exactly what is important when planning a bathroom. At the same time, managing to give every bathroom it’s individual character.

Maximising Space
Maximising space
Maximising space
Maximising space
Maximising space

From our initial on-site consultation, we gathered all the information needed to present a concept design and preliminary quotation for our client.

The side-by-side images above show how using our dynamic 3D drawing software we were able to fully illustrate to our client how their finished bathroom would look.

In what is a compact room we managed to incorporate a walk-in rain shower with a bench, along with providing numerous spaces for storage. Utilising a compact toilet and space-saving vanity ensured there was still ample room for freedom of movement.

Another way we like to create previously unseen storage space is to use niches. Whether for showers or baths they’re a stylish element that a lot of our clients are excited to have in their designs.

At first glance it may appear a difficult element to incorporate, especially while maintaining a tile design/theme. However for our experienced install team this is something that they are very comfortable producing.

Whether it’s bespoke built-in storage or furniture from industry leading brands that our install team recesses into wall cavities, we can find unobtrusive intelligent solutions to create oceans of storage space.

Laufen Val and Base Vanity
Mastella Duetto Vanity
Mastella Smart.46 Vanity

We supply numerous space conscious vanity units from the best brands in the business.

Chief among them are Laufen and Mastella, creating and designing furniture collections that best satisfy the multiple expectations and needs of the market: space, storage, functionality, design, customisation and reliability. With designs/sizings to fit any bathroom.

Mastella Mirror Cabinet
Geberit Mirror Cabinet
Laufen Mirror Cabinet

Naturally mirror cabinets are one of the best ways to create great storage, close at hand to where you spend much of your time in the bathroom, at the vanity unit.

We have an extensive array of styles and sizing from brands like, Mastella, Laufen and Geberit to name but a few.

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