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By 18th December 2021Newsletter

The world of small format tiles is awash with options: size, shape, colour, patterned, geometric, beveled…Perhaps framed with Pencil Bullnose or Jolly end pieces and then after that you’ll need to marry them with your choice of grout colour.A world of choice from which to pick. This edition of Bathrooms In Focus highlights some collections that might help you on your tile picking journey.

Equipe - Artisan - Colonial Blue
Equipe Matelier Tiles
Equipe Matelier Tiles
Equipe Manacor
Equipe Manacor

Equipe is currently the leading company in the small format floor and wall tile sector. Remaining faithful to their origins, they are committed to producing a wide variety of products, finishes and formats for all types of projects.

Sottocer - Harmony - Cotton - Olive
Sottocer - Concept - Lily
Sottocer - Concept - Tulip
Sottocer - Lamoral - Compass
Sottocer - Lamoral - Helix

Dreaming of a beautiful tile range that combines the best of modern ceramic tiles with vintage design? Sottocer’s ceramic and porcelain tiles offer a retro concrete look, giving your entire interior a unique appearance.

Caslagrande Padana Brickworks
Caslagrande Padana Opus
Caslagrande Padana Opus

Casalgrande Padana has been producing advanced ceramic materials for over 50 years: providing innovative and environment-friendly solutions. Two new additions to their small format portfolio are Brickworks and Opus.

And don’t forget the final consideration, grout! Coming in a vast array of colours, making it easy to match or contrast your tile colour and design, while withstanding wear and tear.

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