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By 19th May 2022Newsletter

You imagine, Acquabella creates.

In this Bathrooms In Focus we’re going to highlight a new avant-garde decorative concept from Acquabella allowing you to design your bathroom with: made-to-measure shower trays, bathroom countertops, basins, panels, bathtubs and more. The result is modern, elegant bathrooms designed by and for people.

Acquabella Bespoke Consoles
Acquabella Mini Console
Acquabella Integra Console
Acquabella Infinity Console
Acquabella Infinity

A number of the new console collections from Acquabella offer the possibility of creating fully personalised units. Varying sizes formations, basin placements & colour / texture finishes, giving you the power to make something truly unique and personal.

Acquabella Levi Totem
Acquabella Vars Totem
Acquabella - Circle XL
Acquabella - On-Top Basin

Further options for the vanity area come with the Levi and Vars Totems or from a wealth of On-Top Basins. Offering round, oval, square and rectangular washbasins characterised by a smooth interior and a slate-textured exterior (Slate) or a cement look (Beton). Customisation of the on-top basins does not end there: choose any colour you wish from more than 2,000, taken from 3 different palettes: Standard, Naturally Made and RAL/NCS.

Acquabella Smart Quiz
Acquabella Flow Zero Shower Tray
Acquabella Tempo Arabba Shower Tray
Acquabella Trendy Ardesia Shower Tray
Acquabella Prisma Slate Shower Tray
Acquabella Core Ethnic Shower Tray
Acquabella Panels

Acquabella’s shower trays and Panels offer the possibility to customise your bathroom with quality-designed products. Made of Akron, a compound of polyurethane and mineral fillers, the made-to-measure shower trays by Acquabella are impact and thermal shock resistant, anti-slip, antibacterial and easy to cut. They come in eight HD textures and more than 2,000 colours.

Acquabella Opal Quiz Freestanding Bath
Acquabella Chrea Freestanding Bath
Acquabella Venet Freestanding Bath
Acquabella Levi Freestanding Bath

On the one hand offering ergonomic design based on people’s comfort and adaptability to their body shape. On the other, adding a touch of personality to the wash area. If you want a modern bathroom with a bathtub, Acquabella’s range are ideal for you.

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