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By 6th July 2022Newsletter

This time around Bathrooms In Focus is highlighting the material 316 Stainless Steel.

Classed as ‘marine grade’, 316 stainless steel has a composition that enables superior corrosion resistance, impact resistance and durability.

By using lead-free stainless steel, alongside precision manufacturing and strict quality controls, industry leading brands like Zazzeri, Crosswater, Gessi & Zucchetti can produce extremely smooth internal water channels that prevent bacteria build-up and offer ultimate hygiene.

Also 316 stainless steel is a sustainable raw material that is 100% recyclable. It can be regenerated and reused time and time again without any reduction in quality.

Zazzeri Z316 - Built-in Bath Set
Zazzeri Z316 - Shower Head
Zazzeri Z316 - 2 Hole Set
Zazzeri Z316 - Shower Mixer
Zazzeri Z316 - Bathtub Set on Tubes Shower Set

Z316 is a collection of bathroom fittings designed and manufactured with essential forms, no surplus of material, free to express a simple design and the essence of an idea.

Zazzeri wanted to seize the basic soul of this material by converting it into a wide and thorough offer of items for your bathroom being completely made of AISI 316/L stainless steel in its brushed finishing.

Crosswater 3one6 - Tall Mono
Crosswater 3one6 - Basin 3 Hole Set
Crosswater 3one6 - Basin 2 Hole Set
Crosswater 3one6 - 3 Way Shower Mixer

Crosswater has expanded its bathroom offering with the launch of 3ONE6, an extensive brassware collection crafted from 316 stainless steel.

3ONE6 boasts contemporary design, premium precision finish, and engineered performance.

Gessi 316 Brassware
Gessi 316 Brassware
Gessi 316
Gessi 316 Brassware
Gessi 316 Brassware

The Gessi316 collection is the response to Gessi’s research for a precious and noble material that is durable, resistant and beautiful. Gessi sought for an element that could, with simplicity from taps to accessories, produce a design of visual immediacy and essential refinement.

Zucchetti Helm
Zucchetti Helm
Zucchetti Helm
Zucchetti Helm
Zucchetti Helm

Helm by Zucchetti began from pure geometric shapes, combining them to create a versatile line with broad appeal that is particularly well suited to the world of architecture. It provides different solutions in all types of spaces both private and public.

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