Bathrooms In Focus – Introducing Cocoon

By 2nd February 2024Newsletter

In this edition of Bathrooms In Focus we’re very excited to be introducing the Dutch bathroom brand Cocoon to the Irish market.

Cocoon believe in creating future classics, not just temporary trends. Headed by world-renowned designers Piet Boon and John Pawson, their products are designed to bring happiness, comfort, and a sense of personal identity to people’s lives.

In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, people have a greater need to escape and feel at home. Cocoon believe that home should be a safe and warm place where one can relax and be inspired, a space for transformation. A Cocoon

Cocoon PB Bath - Pietra Griggio
Cocoon JP Bath
Cocoon Atlantis Bath
Cocoon Salinas Bath
Cocoon PB Bath Solid

The combination of water and stone is as old as the earth itself, and transmits an extraordinary sense of wellbeing that many people seek in a bathroom.

Coming from solid blocks of marble, meticulously selected from the famous stone quarries of Italy and crafted to perfection, the elegant PB and JP natural stone baths, put the stunning brutal nature of this material central.

Featuring timeless designs, the natural stone and solid surface baths melt seamlessly into their surroundings. 

Cocoon PB Column
Cocoon JP Basin
Cocoon JP Column
Cocoon PB Basins – 120 & 180
Cocoon PB Mirco Basins – 37, 46, 60 A & B

The basins are made from natural stone or solid surface and feature beautiful clean lines and angles. Each object is a piece of art, a living legend. And can be combined with storage options.

Cocoon PB Basins - 180 with Cabinet
Cocoon MSN Cabinet - 120
Cocoon PB Basins - 60 with Cabinet

This new comprehensive bathroom system is meant to embrace a wide range of sizes and material combinations. Available in understated colour and material palettes, the items can be assembled according to personal taste and budget.

The basins are made from natural stone or solid surface while the cabinets can have fronts of wood but are also available in the same finishings as the basins.

Cocoon JP SET24 – Bath Fixtures
Cocoon JP SET11.4 – Basin Fixtures
Cocoon PB SET22 Shower
Cocoon PB SET11 – Basin Mixer
Cocoon JP SET01 – Basin Mixer

The use of AISI316 stainless steel is the ideal material for architectural and high-demanding applications due to its high corrosion resistance and durability.

The aesthetic appearance of this eco friendly and lead free material provides a modern and attractive base for Cocoon’s minimalistic brassware collections. Incorporating pure and geometrical shapes, these collections will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

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