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Design. People. Advanced technology. Over 35 years of excellence in bathroom manufacture. That’s why we felt it was a high time from an edition of Bathrooms In Focus on Mastella.

With Mastella the most important factor behind every production choice is design. Science and functionality are combined together in the initial design phase, to achieve reliability and beauty. These values are renewed every day.

Mastella - Tender LAK
Mastella - Summit 2.0
Mastella - Kami
Mastella - Smart.46
Mastella - Duetto

Furniture collections are created, designed and produced by Mastella to meet and surpass the multiple expectations and needs of the client. Space, storage, functionality, design, customisation and reliability. Values to which Mastella pays the utmost attention, emphasising design and construction quality in every detail.

Mastella - Vanity / Vanity Party
Mastella - For You Cristalplant Freestanding Bathtub
Mastella - Vov Cristalplant Freestanding Bathtub
Mastella - Anahita Cristalplast Freestanding Bathtub

Genuine works of sculpture, to experience directly. Mastella bathtubs achieve the perfect synergy between design and functionality with their minimalistic and ergonomic lines sculpted from technologically advanced materials.

Imposing or compact, free-standing or fitted, these tubs are designed to create an oasis of pure wellness, even in bathrooms where space is limited or there are specific architectural constraints.

Mastella Worktops & Consoles
Mastella Worktops & Consoles
Mastella - Smart.46
Mastella - Graf-In
Mastella - One-piece ceramic top

Design becomes eclectic in Mastella’s integrated washbasin tops and bathroom consoles. Sculpted by minimalist shapes and essential lines, they combine contemporary aesthetics with the most functional ergonomics.

Mastella - Kamus
Mastella - Bside
Mastella - Lumus
Mastella - Contend

There are times when the mirror becomes much more than a simple reflective surface. The mirror cabinet, by Mastella, features plenty of storage space behind the mirror doors, afforded by elegant glass shelves.

Numerous finishes are available: the warmth of wood-grain, smooth lacquers, or textured high pressure laminate.

Mastella - In-Line
Mastella - Rio
Mastella - Hi-Line
Mastella - Tend
Mastella - Vela

In the modern bathroom, a mirror with complementary LED lighting is a must: technology and contemporary design characterize the latest generation of mirrors.

Light plays a major role in these elegant and multifunctional pieces.

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