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Flush plates have the remarkable advantage of minimizing the wastes linked to excessive water usage, while incorporating design and functionality.

Companies such as Geberit, Gessi and TECE allow you to choose the right flush plate, meeting the requirements and technical demands, while also offering a variety of flush plates of different designs, materials, colours and finishes in order to perfectly suit any bathroom style.

Geberit Flush Plates
Geberit - Sigma 50 with Odour Extraction & Guiding Light
Geberit - Sigma 80 Touchless Flush Plate
Geberit Flush Plate
Geberit - Sigma 70 Soft Touch Flush Plate

It’s not just any bathroom, it’s your bathroom.

You select the tiles that reflect your style. You accept no compromises when it comes to WC ceramic appliances & washbasin taps. Because making the right choice is important, Geberit will find the right flush plate to give your bathroom the crowning touch & to pamper you with comfort functions.

Gessi Venti Flush Plates
Gessi 316 Flush Plates
Gessi Anello Flush Plates
Gessi 316

Gessi flush plates offer a premium aesthetic that completes their “total look”, perfectly matching their brassware collections & finishes. These flush plates can be paired with industry leading WC frames from Geberit and TECE.

TECEsquare Flush Plate
TECEloop Mini Flush Plate
TECElux Mini Flush Plate

First you see it, then you feel it: Toilet and urinal flush plates are the interfaces where users make contact with TECE flushing technology. The variety of colours, shapes and materials available means you’ll find the right flush plate for every ambience.

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