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By 10th January 2022Newsletter

Previously utilisted mostly in public settings, sensor taps are becoming ever more popular in the home as well.

Aside from user convenience, they guarantee a higher level of hygiene as non-contact taps reduce the risk of germ spreading via surface contact. A helpful consequence is reduced regularity in cleaning too.

Another reason for their growing popularity, smart fittings are more efficient. People with conventional taps often use significantly more water than is actually needed. Sensor fittings provide only what is required, when it is required, minimising waste and saving energy costs.

Gessi 316 Sensor Taps
Gessi Sensor Taps
Gessi - Rettangolo - Sensor
Gessi - Rilievo - Sensor
Gessi 316 Sensor

Gessi sensor taps provide refined elegance and sophisticated design. With options incorporating the sensor in the actual spout, tap body or a separate plate depending on preference.

What’s more they’re available in many finishes for further customisation.

Axor - Uno - Sensor
Hansgrohe Axor Organic Starck
Hansgrohe Axor Starck Sensor
Hansgrohe Axor Citterio Sensor

Electronic basin mixers from Hansgrohe Axor have ideal hygienic and energy-saving features.

Minimising resource consumption. Just like the mixer design. Reduced to the bare essentials. Even the sensor technology is discreetly integrated into the mixer.

Hansgrohe Vernis Sensor
Hansgrohe Focus Sensor

In all Hansgrohe sensor fittings the on/off function is carried out in a 200-millimeter sensor area, so that the fittings do not need to be touched.

They are therefore particularly hygienic and at the same time require less cleaning.

Zucchetti - Jingle Sensor
Zucchetti - Aguablu Sensor

Harmonious proportions with an utterly contemporary look make Zucchetti sensor mixers an elegant product for people that appreciate the latest design trends and recognise beauty at a glance.

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