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By 28th April 2022Newsletter

Last time out we saw with Falper’s Living Bathroom range the scope customers now have to create the bathroom environment of their dreams with endless choice combinations.

Following this theme we’re taking a look at Hidrobox. Offering customisation through an extensive offering of colours, shapes and sizings Hidrobox have an aesthetic to match any bathroom.

Hidrobox Opera
Hidrobox FS

The high degree of personalisation that can be achieved with Hidrobox’s washbasins and consoles allows clients to elevate and complement the bathroom with truly unique and exclusive designs, fully adapted to the décor, the needs of the space and their requirements.

Hidrobox Shower Panels
Hidrobox Shower Panels
Hidrobox Line

A solution tailored to the most unique projects

Hidrobox finds the freedom to define the form of a given space, alongside the ability to call upon different drainage types and positions. The concept allows for the best possible aesthetic and functional results to be brought together, offering the most satisfactory shower experience available.

Hidrobox Totem
Hidrobox Totem
Hidrobox Totem
Hidrobox Shelf
Hidrobox Niche

A perfect accessory for the bath and shower area, designed with sobriety and practicality in mind. Niches, shelves and Totems allow you to store personal hygiene products and accessories, leaving the bath and shower area free of clutter.

Hidrobox Space

Refined design and comfort in a bathroom.

A blend of romantic inspiration and contemporary lines resulting in stylish and exclusive offerings with high-end features and essential comfort. Find exactly the right solution from Hidrobox’s selection of designs and formats featuring rounded, oval, square and rectangular forms.

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