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Bathrooms In Focus – Highlights of 2023

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Firstly we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all in Bath House!

It’s been a year of fantastic new bathroom products. In this edition of Bathrooms In Focus we’re taking a look back at some that really caught our eye. Included are a number of prize winners from such prestigious events as the Design Plus, Red Dot and Iconic Awards. Enjoy!

BetteSuno Bath & Washbasins
BetteSuno Shell Washbasin

Barber Osgerby uses the special materiality of Bette’s glazed titanium steel for perfectly minimalist design.

The new collection includes a bath and washbasins that harmonise with each other and at the same time fits perfectly into sophisticated bathroom architecture. Each product of the BetteSuno collection sets its own aesthetic accents.

Roca Nu Brassware
Roca Nu Brassware

The Nu collection from Roca represents a purity of visual expression and a synthesis of essential design elements: form, shape and colour.

The collection features three different handles – Pin, Dome and Stripes – that are “dyed” in six glossy colours inspired by Roca’s Mediterranean DNA; green, blue, yellow, black, white and chrome.

Scarabeo Laila
Scarabeo Laila

Laila is the new bathroom furniture concept designed by Scarabeo to complete the eclectic Moon washbasin collection. The range includes a large variety of figures characterized by a refined soul and generous dimensions.

Gessi Perle Milan Design Week
Gessi Perle

Right from its name, Perle encapsulates the meanings and characteristics of jewellery, which par excellence represents elegance and refinement.

Just as the pearl is the most perfect and rare shape in nature, the sphere that punctuates each element of the collection is an emblem of purity and the fruit of profound research by Gessi.

Vitra Plural Collection
Vitra Plural Collection

Inspired by the heritage of communal bathing spaces and rituals, the award-winning Plural collection from Vitra presents the bathroom as an informal living space, making it the new heart of the home.

Organic-shaped design elements can be used in multiple combinations to form a personalised intimate setting.

Hansgrohe Axor Conscious Showers
Hansgrohe Axor Conscious Showers

Hansgrohe AXOR has developed the AXOR Conscious Showers to make this ritual both pleasurable and responsible. The showers meet specific requirements for sustainable water use while setting the highest aesthetic standard.

Geberit CleanLine 50
Geberit CleanLine 50

Elegant, decent, robust and practical: with the CleanLine50 from Geberit delivers a shower channel that leaves nothing to be desired. With classic & discreet lines it fits with practically every even-floor shower area.

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